£62.99 – Busch & Müller Ixon IQ and IX Light Set Light Sets

£89.99 £62.99


Ixon IQ Front Light IQ beam pattern. In High Power mode, the high output LED shines extremely bright (40 Lux) out of the IQ reflector for up to 5 hours. In low power mode, 10 Lux is achieved – for 20 hours. Includes 4 rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, each 2100 mAh, no memory effect. Charging time is approx. 5 hours using a charging unit. Power supply by 4 non-rechargeable AA batteries is possible. Easy mounting, convenient handling: The headlight can be removed from the bracket with one click. Features:  40 Lux Light at close range Battery level indicator Splash- and rainwater-proof Approved by German road traffic regulations High Power mode: 40 Lux (5 hours) Low Power mode: 10 Lux (20 hours) Suits Handlebar diameters from 21 to 32mm Part no. : 192QMLA IX Rear Light LineTec optics push the LED sourced light into a light-guide illuminating a bright line. Lithium-ion battery, chargeable via USB. Quick and easy mounting using rubber bands or cable straps – lightbox can be removed with one click. Also possible: maximally theft-protected mounting. Features: LineTec Sensor automatic Battery level indicator Approved by German road traffic regulations Seat post assembly Run time: 25 Hours 360° full circle visibility Seat post mounted Part no. : 382/1US

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