£67.99 – Cateye Sync Core & Kinetic Front/Rear Light Set

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The Cateye Sync Core 500 & Sync Kinetic Light Set might not be the most powerful, but it does pack some seriously smart features! Using Cateye’s SYNC technology, the Core 500 and Sync Kinetic can be synchronised with up to 6 other compatible Sync lights to offer full 360-degree visibility.5 light modes with up to 500 lumens in high mode (Sync Core 500)6 power modes emit up to 50 lumens (Sync Kinetic)Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 130/50hrs (Sync Core 500/Sync Kinetic) SYNC Technology allows you to sync the light with up to 6 other compatible lights for better visibilityBuilt-in accelerometer switches light to burst mode as you decelerate, helping you remain seen (Sync Kinetic)The Sync Core 500’s compact size neatly hides some brilliant features, with a single LED emitting up to 500 lumens through it’s round-beam pattern OptiCube lens with superior side visibility and features 5 different modes. Along with middle (150 lumens), low and flashing (both 100 lumens) the Sync Core 500 also features Cateye’s innovative HyperConstant mode. Ideal for daytime use, in HyperConstant mode you get 100 lumens with a 500 lumen pulse to help you remain visible during the day. HyperConstant also dramatically extends battery life, with burn time extending to a whopping 18 hours!HyperConstant mode isn’t the only innovative feature of the Sync Core 500 though. Thanks to Cateye’s SYNC technology, the light can be synchronised with up to 7 different compatible lights, in order to provide full 360-degree visibility. The light also includes a fast charging circuit, so re-charge time can be cut from 6 to 3 hours when using the included fast recharge USB cable. The FlexTight bracket is also incredibly easy to use, taking seconds to fit or remove. The Cateye Sync Core 500 packs a lot of technology into a sleek and stylish package and is the perfect choice for commuters looking for a versatile light to suit all conditions.The Cateye Sync Kinetic Rear Light is one of the most technically-advanced rear lights on the market. It’s packed to the rafters with clever features that mark it out as one of the very best rear lights money can buy. The Sync Kinetic Rear Light has two stand-out features that set it apart from the chasing pack. The first is the lights built in accelerometer that switches to the burst mode when it senses deceleration, making you more visible when your are potentially more vulnerable to fast moving traffic. This adds an additional level of visibility and defence when out on the road. The Sync Kinetic Rear Light also features Cateye’s SYNC technology, so it can be synchronised with up to 7 other SYNC compatible lights to offer full 360-degree visibility.The Sync Kinetic’s OptiCube lens also provides superior side visibility, while 6 power modes emit up to 50 lumens, while a Group Ride mode offers 40 lumens and isn’t overly bright as to not dazzle any riders or team mates behind you. Thee Daytime Hyperflash mode also provides excellent visibility during the day, making it ideal for use in summer when you still want ensure you are seen by other road users. The Sync Kinetic uses a durable & rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery that provides up to 3 hours of burn time when in the Daytime Hyperflash mode and even on full high power mode, the light lasts 1.5 hours. Using the lights Kinetic mode slightly reduces these run times, but they are still more than enough for long commuter rides and summer road rides. Versatile and packed with features, the Cateye Sync Kinetic Rear Light is the ultimate back light for any cyclist who frequents the open road at night or during the day.Power modes/burntime (Sync Core 500):High mode (500 lumens) 2 hoursMed mode (150 lumens) 9 hoursLow mode (100 lumens) 15 hoursDaytime HyperConstant Mode (500/100 lumens) 18 hoursFlashing (100 lumens) 130 hoursPower Modes/Burntime (Sync Kinetic):High mode (40 lumens) 1.5 hours Low mode (50 lumens) 15 hoursFlashing (30 lumens) 50 hoursRapid (50 lumens) 20 hoursGroup Ride (40 lumens) 15 hoursDaytime HyperFlash (50 lumens) 30 hoursPower Modes/Burntime (Sync Kinetic – Kinetic mode engaged):High mode (40 lumens) 1.4 hours Low mode (50 lumens) 6 hoursFlashing (30 lumens) 7 hoursRapid (50 lumens) 6 hoursGroup Ride (40 lumens) 6 hoursDaytime HyperFlash (50 lumens) 7 hours

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