£25.60 – Cateye Volt 100XC / ORB Light Set

£31.99 £25.60


The Cateye Volt 100XC / ORB Light Set is super value, giving you a powerful handlebar and rear light in a single, great value pack!Powerful LEDs emit up to 100/7 lumens for up to 1.5 hoursLithium ion battery provides run time of up to 5/100 hoursWith up to 100 and 7 lumens available from the powerful LEDs, the lights easily enough power to light the way ahead and help you remain seen when out riding. The lithium ion battery takes just 2-8 hours to recharge, while with various modes at your disposal, battery life can be extended to up to 5 and 100 hours respectively. Lightweight, versatile and plenty bright enough, the Cateye Volt 100XC / ORB Light Set is ideal for riders looking for a powerful, great value light pack!

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