£199.00 – Garmin Varia 2 Radar Tail Light & Head Unit Rear Lights

£269.99 £199.00


Visibility The Varia 2 comes with a huge range of visibility. The light can be seen from up to 140 metres away and comes with a 220 degree wide stretching beam. This gives you the maximum coverage and is perfect for use even in the most built-up urban areas where you’ll be coming into contact with other road users from various different angles. Day Light Mode The light is ideal for use during the day and night with a daylight specific mode. This mode will keep you seen from up to a mile away. This is important to ensure that other road users are aware of your position from a great distance away for improved levels of safety. Mounting The light has been built specifically for road cyclists and therefore comes with a secure mounting system that allows you to connect the light to below your seat post. The mount is compatible with most road cycling frames inkling racing, touring and commuter styles. Bundle The bundle version of the Varia 2 comes with its own dedicated display which allows you to easily and quickly change between light modes from the ease of your handlebars. This allows you to have full control of your rear light while you’re still on the move.

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