£230.00 – Hope R4+ LED Rechargeable Front Light


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The R4+ light is small enough to use as a head torch, yet still gives out 2000 (1500 measured) lumens for use on the most demanding rides.Key Features :     Uses 4 of the latest cree LED’s to produce 2000 lumens (1500 measured),    Two power sequences, each with three light levels allows users to maximise power or burntime,    5 different light kits to choose from to suit your needs,    Illuminated power switch so you can see which power setting you are using,    Includes handlebar mount, helmet mount and head harness.R4+ LED Tech Specs :     Power output is 2000 lumens (measured 1500 lumens),    6 different power levels,    Includes quick bayonet fitting handlebar mount, helmet mount and head harness and 1m extension cable,    Backlit LED power button lets you know which power mode your using,    ES Li-Ion battery pack with built in power gauge,    2.25 hours run time on full power (using the 4 cell battery),    Improved LED’s,    Weight 426g (R4+ Headlamp and 4 cell ES battery)..

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