£23.99 – Knog Plus Twinpack Light Set

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The Knog Plus Twinpack Light Set consists of a pair of incredibly versatile and bright bicycle/running lights with a 100% waterproof construction.Light and compact solution to improving day/night visibilityEasily attach to the handlebar/fork/seatpost/seat stays/pannier rack without any toolsIntegrated wearable clip allows for secure attachment to bags, clothes, etc.Integrated USB plugs for cable-free chargingThe Knog Plus Twinpack has an output of 40 lumens up front and 20 lumens to the rear through efficient chip on board (COB) LEDs designed to provide a maximum brightness level for up to 90% of the battery burn time for each of the 5 modes.Both lights have a compact (14 x 66 x 18mm) and lightweight (12g) construction that is 100% waterproof (IP67 tested) to protect them against all elements. As well as the tool-less removable straps for mounting to handlebars, forks, seatposts, seat stays, etc. the lights have an integrated clip that allows you to remove the light from the magnetic mount and clip it onto a bag, helmet, jersey, shorts, etc.Charging is conveniently cable-free through the integrated USB plugs, with a full charge taking 4 hours and providing a run time up to 20/40 hours (front/rear) in Eco Flash mode. To prevent accidental turn on the lights have a longer push on time of 0.75 seconds.

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