£127.99 – Knog PWR Mountain 2000L Front Light Front Lights

£179.99 £127.99


Twist-head Knog’s PWR Mountain comes with a user-friendly operation that works with a twist-head which turns the light on and off and allows you to scroll through your light’s modes. There are no buttons used which avoids accidental operation in intense environments. Battery The light comes with a 10000mAh lithium-ion battery pack which easily clips into the light and can easily be recharged via any standard USB port. Fuel Gauge To know when the light’s battery is low, charging, or fully charged the light’s battery comes with a fuel gauge which comes with a 4 LED display system. Power Bank The battery included, also doubles as a power bank for additional electrical devices including your smartphone, additional bike lights, and cycling computer. Light Beam The PWR Mountain’s beam is specially adapted with a circular design which is built for flood lighting obstacles from unpredictable angles. Rugged Construction The housing unit of both the light and battery pack is constructed with CNC-machined anodised aluminium which is incredibly rugged a thermal management system. The design automatically regulates the light’s output to stop the light from overheating and keeps the light at peak performance levels. Light Modes Using the ModeMaker app you can tailor make your own light modes allowing you to find the best possible lighting for your cycling environment and the length of your ride.

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