£150.00 – Lezyne Mega Drive 1800L Front Light Front Lights



Light Modes Lezyne’s Mega Drive 1800L Front Light comes with seven different light modes which can easily be switched between to find the best possible lighting for your current riding condition and battery level. Blast: 1000 lumens – 2.30 hours Enduro: 600 lumens – 3.45 hours Economy: 250 lumens – 10 hours Femto: 15 lumens – 148 hours Flash: 150 lumens – 33 hours Pulse: 150 lumens – 38 hours Overdrive: 1800 lumens – 1.40 hours Tri-Focus Optics The light comes with a specialised Tri-Force Optics lens which creates a brighter centre spot in a large wide-angle pattern – providing the best possible lighting over a range of terrains. Rechargeable For quick and easy charging on the move the light comes with an internal battery that is Micro-USB rechargeable. This allows you to quickly and easily charge the light via any standard USB port. The battery can power the light for up to 148 hours for all your touring needs. Rugged Design The housing unit is constructed from machined aluminium which offers protection from impacts, abrasions and adverse weather conditions. Integrated into the design of the housing are built in cooling fans that improve its overall performance – stopping the light from overheating. Mounting To mount the Mega Drive it comes with a secure and versatile strap system that will work with most handlebar types. Specifications Max Lumen Output: 1800 lumens Weight: 236g Max Runtime: 148 hours Recharge Time: 7 hours

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