£160.00 – Lezyne Super Drive 1600XXL KTV Pro Smart Light Pair Light Sets



Super Drive 1600XL Front Light A high-powered, 1600 lumen light that easily attaches to your handlebars with the use of a versatile mounting strap that works with most bike frame types. To optimise the lights output it comes with a Tri-Focus Optics lens that creates a brighter centre spot in a large wide-angle pattern. The unit housing comes with a machined aluminium construction that features cooling fins, that prevents the light from overheating, and cut-outs with extend side visibility. The light is micro-USB rechargeable with an extensive battery life of up to 148 hours of battery life. KTV Pro Smart Rear Light The rear light, of this set, is compact and easily attaches to your seat post with an integrated, versatile mounting strap. The co-moulded construction keeps the light incredibly lightweight whilst also retaining a great level of durability and water resistance. Lezyne’s specialised Wide Angle Lens is used to offer over 270-degrees of visibility. An integrated USB stick provides cable free, easy charging. Light Modes Front Light Blast: 1000 lumens – 2.30 hours Enduro: 600 lumens – 3.45 hours Economy: 250 lumens – 10 hours Femto: 15 lumens – 148 hours Flash: 150 lumens – 33 hours Pulse: 150 lumens – 38 hours Overdrive: 1600 lumens – 1.45 hours Rear Light Day Flash: 75 lumens – 10 hours Flash One: 25 lumens – 8.45 hours Flash Two: 10 lumens – 19.30 hours Pulse: 25 lumens – 8.45 hours Economy: 3 lumens – 18 hours Solid: 20 lumens – 4 hours Specifications Super Drive 1600XL (Front Light) Maximum Lumen Output: 1600 lumens Weight: 236g Maximum Runtime: 148 hours Recharge Time: 7 hours Water Rating: IPX7 KTV Pro Smart (Rear Light) Maximum Lumens: 75 lumens Weight: 45g Maximum Runtime: 19.5 hours Recharge Time: 3 hours Water Rating: IPX7

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