£74.99 – LifeLine ORI 1700 Lumen Power Bank Front Light Front Lights

£99.99 £74.99


The ORI 1700 Lumen is the ‘swiss army knife’ of bike lights! The central LED runs at a maximum 1000 lumen. The two side LEDs then offer 350 lumens each. All three LEDs at full power give you a 1700 lumen brightness and 1hr 40 burn time. The front and side lights can be operated independently. The larger button controls the front beam, the smaller button controls the side beams. The panel on top shows you your remaining battery level The central beam has 4 functions- Full Beam (1000 lumens), Medium (500 lumens), Low (200 Lumens) and Strobe. The side beams also have 3 functions- Full Beam (700 lumens), Medium (350 lumens) and Flashing (200 lumens). A really nice feature of the light is that you can keep the central beam static and have the side lights on a flash – thereby giving yourself enough light to see where you’re going but also notify other road users with the flash. The USB power bank is an added bonus. Accessed at the rear of the light. charge your phone or your Garmin for example and make that call or find the route again. 

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