£129.99 – LifeLine Pavo 2000 Lumen Front Light Front Lights



Designed for Adventure Cycling after dark is a unique experience; the roads and trails are deserted, the wildlife stirs and the atmosphere changes. The LifeLine Pavo 2000L gives you the chance to gain a whole new perspective on your environment and your riding; even the most familiar route becomes a new adventure.  CREE LEDs and 2000 Lumen Output The precision lens and wide beam pattern give you a large field of vision, while the class-leading CREE LEDs light up every rock, root and pothole in your path. Four constant beam levels allow you to vary the intensity and power consumption; use the low beams when the moonlight is shining and full power in the darkest conditions. The automatic temperature control reduces the output to prevent overheating during prolonged running in the high-power modes. The light also features eye-catching flashing modes for use on roads and in street lit areas.  Alloy Handlebar Mount LifeLine Pavo lights mount to standard 31.8mm handlebars with a compact, robust alloy mount with a secure twist lock interface.  Charging and Run Times The battery takes approximately 6 hours to charge from empty via the smart charger. When the light is switched on, the power button changes colour to indicate that the charge reaches 10%.  Run Times: Full Beam (2000 Lumens): 1 hour 50mins Medium (1000 Lumens): 3 hours 30mins Low (500 Lumens): 6 hours 30mins Power Saving (250 Lumens): 12+ hours Flashing: 16+ hours

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