£18.99 – Moon Arcturus Auto Rear Light Rear Lights

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Side Visibility Moon’s Arcturus Auto Rear Light comes with a specially adapted lens and LED system which spreads the light emitted so that not only will you stay visible from the rear but also from the sides. Staying visible from multiple angles is important when cycling through built up urban areas where you’re often find yourself traversing multiple lanes and directions of traffic. Durable Construction Built for multiple types of environment the light comes with a rugged casing construction that is made from heat sinking CNC aluminium. This housing will protect against impacts as well as having an IPX4 certification which will also shield against rain, dust, dirt, road spray, and more. Rechargeable Keep going for longer with a lithium polymer battery which is rechargeable and comes with a water-resistant USB cable which makes charging on the go easier than ever allowing you to charge the light via any standard USB port. The light’s battery comes with up to 17 hours of battery life and takes just two hours to recharge with a useful battery light indicator to tell you when it’s time to charge and when your battery is fully charged. Also, to save your battery life when the light’s not in use the light automatically turns itself on and off due to light sensors. Light Modes The rear light comes with a large selection of light modes including stationary and flashing which are easy to toggle between to find the best possible light mode for your current lighting environment and depleting battery life. The light modes included: Mode One: 10 lumens light output – 3.45 hours battery life Mode Two: 15 lumens light output – 2.20 hours battery life Mode Three: 35 lumens light output – 1.20 hours battery life Flash One: 10 lumens light output – 17 hours battery life Flash Two: 35 lumens light output – 5 hours battery life Flash Three: 35 lumens light output – 8 hours battery life Day Flash: 70 lumens light output – 16.30 hours battery life In the Box Arcturus-Auto Pro rear light RB-22 (Universal bracket) 2 O-rings for mounting (including 20-35/35-52mm) BK-21 (Belt clip) USB-WP (Water resistant USB cable)

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