£54.99 – Ravemen CR700 USB Rechargeable DuaLens Front Light with Re Front Lights

£59.99 £54.99


Kitted out with an anti-glare DuaLens LED, this fantastic front-mounting model gives an even distribution of light and minimises glare for other oncoming road users. This PCR700 iteration features a pair of sidelights for a 180-degree range of visibility, keeping you safe and seen on every journey. Suited for use in a variety of riding conditions, this Ravemen model comes equipped with a series of low beam modes and emergency mode on top of its Daytime Visible Flash setting. These modes are: Low Beam: High: 700 lumens – 1.6 hours Mid: 400 lumens – 2.7 hours Low: 200 lumens – 5 hours Eco: 50 lumens – 22 hours Pulse Flashing: 200 lumens – 17 hours Rapid Flashing: 50 lumens – 38 hours  Emergency Mode High: 700 lumens Controlled by a wired remote button on the unit, you can switch between modes without having to let go of your grip, leaving you to concentrate on navigating your way through the lowest-light conditions. Powered by a USB-rechargeable battery, the battery level can be topped up by an external USB power bank if you need to expand the runtime when your juice is running low. At full strength, this hard-working torch emits light to a maximum distance of 100 metres, while the IPX8-waterproof aluminium casing keeps it protected and durable for year-round use. Easy to mount and lightweight, this bold and bright light is an excellent addition to your road bike’s cockpit.

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