£25.99 – Lezyne LED KTV Drive / Femto USB Light Pair Light Sets



KTV Drive Front Light The pair’s front light comes with a durable co-moulded construction that offers the maximum protection against the bumps and scrapes of the road. The light comes with an IPX7 water and dust rating which also protects your lights from adverse weather conditions. Femto USB Rear Light The rear light also comes with a rugged co-moulded construction that is compact and minimal for a simple yet effective design. The light is specially designed with Lezyne’s Wide Angle Optics lens which produces 180-degrees of visibility – helping you to keep you seen from multiple angles. Light Modes Both lights come with a large range of light modes which can easily be switched between by holding down on the power button. The lights both come with Day Flash modes which are specifically tailored towards keeping you seen in daylight hours. Front Light (LED KTV Drive) Blast: 70 lumens – 2 hours Economy: 15 lumens – 10 hours Day Flash: 200 lumens – 6.30 hours Flash One: 30 lumens – 13.15 hours Flash Two: 15 lumens – 20 hours Rear Light (Femto USB) Flash One: 5 lumens – 15 hours Flash Two: 5 lumens – 15 hours Flash Three: 5 lumens – 15 hours Pulse: 5 lumens – 9 hours Solid: 5 lumens – 4.30 hours Mounting Lezyne’s KTV Drive and Femto USB light pair comes with versatile mounting systems which include integrated straps that offer quick and easy mounting and unmounting. The strap mounts work with most bar types including round and aero. Charging Both lights save you the effort of constantly having to replace your lights battery with both lights coming with rechargeable batteries. The lights come with micro-USB charging cables which allows you to quickly and easily charge the light via any standard USB port. The front light can be recharged in just 3 hours whilst the rear light can be recharged in just 2.5 hours. Each light comes with an extensive runtime with up to 20 hours of power – suiting even your longest rides. Specifications LED KTV Drive (Front Light) Maximum Lumen Output: 200 lumens Weight: 47.5g Maximum Runtime: 20 hours Recharge Time: 3 hours Water Rating: IPX7 Femto USB (Rear Light) Maximum Lumen Output: 5 lumens Weight: 23g Maximum Runtime: 15 hours Recharge Time: 2.5 hours Water Rating: IPX7

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