£385.00 – Exposure MaXx D MK13 Front Light Front Lights



Need a light with a powerful output that simultaneously highlights the edge of the trail, without compromising the far-reaching beam, AND automatically adjusting output in tune with the terrain? Then look no further than the Maxx D; perfect for aggressive riding on singletrack and technical terrain, thanks to its combination of lenses and Reflex Technology. Reflex + Exposure’s MaXx-D Mk12 comes with Reflex+ technology which allows the light to intelligently adjust its own brightness to best suit your riding. Using integrated sensors, the light combines gradient, acceleration and cornering forces to match output to your current ride whilst automatically maintaining the burntime you’ve always selected. Optimised Mode Selector (OMS) Various programs in the lights can easily be selected to offer a choice of run times and modes so you can find the right one for your ride, be it an all-night adventure or an intense blast. OLED Status Display The rear of the light comes with Exposure’s, advanced, OLED status display. The display is easy to read, even in low lighting, and provides program and mode information before switching to display battery power and time remaining in hours and minutes on any mode. When charging the display then shows the battery level percentage. Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM) Patented circuitry within the light will reduce power to the LEDs, if they go beyond the optimum temperature, keeping the light as efficient as possible to maximise output and battery capacity. Smart Port Technology Plus (SPT+) Smart Port+ enables the charge port to accept auxiliary accessories such as rear lights, remote switches, Support Cells and use your light as a power bank to charge USB devices. Fast Charging Improved chargers have decreased charge time significantly from previous models of lights. Cable Free Design (CFD) Battery is housed within the body of the light so there are no cables or separate battery units giving a neat solution with less opportunities for water ingress, mounting difficulties and crash damage. Combined with the renowned quick release handlebar bracket lights are easy and quick to mount with rock solid attachment. Fuel Gauge Using a traffic light system remaining runtime is easily monitored at a glance so you’re not caught out.  The colour feedback is also used for mode selection, before defaulting back to runtime. Specifications Output                               4000 lumens Reflex Boost, 2500 constant Weight                               310grams Burntime                            Min 2 hrs Max 36 hrs Battery Capacity                11600 mAh Li ion Dimensions (mm)              Length – 115, Head – 54, Back – 50 LED’s                                   4x XPL2

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