£49.99 – Knog Light Blinder Road R70 Rear Rear Lights



Outputting 70 lumens of light, the Blinder ROAD R70 has got your back, whatever your ride. LIGHT OUTPUT: 70 lumens DIMENSIONS: 27 x 76 x 52mm. WEIGHT: 52g STORAGE MODE: To activate storage mode make sure light is first turned off. Then hold down the on/off button for 5 seconds and release when red LED comes on. This LED will stay lit until the light drops into storage mode.  To reactivate light, plug into USB port and charge as usual. Once charged light will turn on as before. CHARGING: When plugging the light into a USB port to charge a red LED will display on the on/off switch of the light to indicate that the light is charging. When fully charged this light will turn green to indicate charging is complete.  Compliance The Light Blinder Road R70 Rear Light, from Knog, is fully compliant with German StVZO regulations

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