£2.99 – Knog Light Pop I Front Front Lights

£12.99 £2.99


Mounting The Light Pop I Light comes with a user-friendly design that is ideal for urban cyclists. One of the lights many convenient elements is that comes with an integrated mounting system. The simple loop design provides a tool-free attachment that can easily be taken on and off your bike’s handlebars. Low Battery Indicator The light is powered by an AA battery that comes included. When your battery life is running low a little red light will appear through the front lens that can be seen when the main light is off. This lets you know that the battery needs replacing. Button The longer button push on (0.75 seconds) prevents the light accidentally turning on while transporting the light to and from your bike. The light comes with various different modes including steady and flashing which can easily be changed with short presses on the button while the light is on. Side Visibility When cycling through built-up urban areas you’ll often be faced with traffic coming at you from different directions. Therefore it’s important to stay visible from all sides. The light therefore comes with a special beam that has been crafted to spread the visibility and the result is up to 180-degrees of visibility.

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