£31.99 – Knog Plus Front & Rear Light Light Sets



Mounting Knog’s Plus Front and Rear Light come with magnetic mounting systems that allow you to take the lights on and off your seatpost and handlebars in seconds. This is especially useful for commuters who are constantly getting on and off their bikes. Included with the light are all the parts you need to install the mount on to a variety of bike frames: 2 x interchangeable straps for posts 22-27mm/28-32mm+ and magnetic mount attachment. Rechargeable For quick and easy charging on the go the lights come with an integrated USB plug that allows you to recharge the light from any standard USB port. This means you don’t have to constantly swap out batteries or remember to carry round a charging cable. Light Modes The lights both come with five different light modes that can easily be switched between using the oversized, long power button that is easy to use even when you’re wearing gloves. The lights come with five different light modes that allow you to find the perfect light mode to suit your battery life or current lighting environment. The modes included are: Mode One: Steady – 2 hours battery life Mode Two: Strobe – 8.5 hours batter life Mode Three: Pulse – 4.5 hours battery life Mode Four: Fancy Flash – 10 hours battery life Mode Five: Eco Flash – 40 hours battery life

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