£69.99 – Knog PWR Rider 450L Light + Helmet Mount Front Lights



A high powered light that will guide your way with 450 lumens of output which also doubles of a power bank. So you can light your way, charge your smartphone, and stay seen all from this one bike light. Multiple Output Modes: The light comes with 6 different light pre-modes built-in to the light for changing between dependent on your changing environment or your light’s battery life. More modes can be added via Knog’s ModeMaker app. The 6 pre-made modes are: Ride: 450 lumens – 2hrs battery life Commuter: 190 lumens – 5.5hrs battery life Stamina: 50 lumens – 16hrs battery life Pulse: 320 lumens – 7hrs battery life Strobe Flash: 190 lumens – 10hrs battery life Eco-Flash: 50 lumens – 90hrs battery life Power Bank The light is charged through a USB port at the rear of the light. This feature, meanwhile, doubles to also become a power bank for other electrical devices that are USB compatible. This means you can charge, via your bike light, such things as your phone, a GoPro, navigational devices, or a cycling computer.

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