£87.00 – Lezyne Micro Drive 600XL / Strip Light Set Front Lights



Micro Drive 600XL Front Light The set’s front light comes with bright, dual-LED composition that offers up to 600 lumens. The housing unit is made from a machined aluminium body which offers the maximum protection from impacts and shields from adverse weather protection. Strip Rear Light The compact rear light is lightweight and completely streamlines into the design of the seat post. The light comes with Lezyne’s, specialised, Wide Angle Optics lens that provides up to 270-degrees of visibility. This is ideal for commuters who are traversing built up urban areas with multiple lanes of traffic. Light Modes The lights both come with multiple different light modes which can easily be switched between by holding down on the power button. Both the front and rear light come with Day Flash modes which helps to keep you seen during the daylight hours. Front Light (Micro Drive 600XL) Blast: 400 lumens – 1.40 hours Enduro: 200 lumens – 3.15 hours Economy: 100 lumens – 6.45 hours Femto: 15 lumens – 44 hours Day Flash: 600 lumens – 8 hours Flash One: 75 lumens – 17 hours Flash Two: 75 lumens – 17 hours Pulse: 75 lumens – 14.30 hours Overdrive: 600 lumens – 1 hour Rear Light (Strip Light) Blast: 45 lumens – 2.15 hours Enduro: 15 lumens – 7 hours Economy: 3 lumens – 30 hours Flash One: 25 lumens – 8 hours Flash Two: 15 lumens – 8 hours Flash Three: 15 lumens – 8.30 hours Flash Four: 20 lumens – 10 hours Flash Five: 5 lumens – 29 hours Flash Six: 3 lumens – 57 hours Day Flash One: 150 lumens – 6.30 hours Day Flash Two: 100 lumens – 7 hours Mounting Each light comes with a strap mounting system which allows you to quickly and easily mount the light to most types of bike frames. The straps work with both aero and standard round bars. Charging To save you from the hassle of constantly replacing batteries both lights come with internal, rechargeable batteries. The Micro Drive comes with an integrated, cable-free USB stick that directly plugs into any standard USB port for quick charging. Meanwhile, the Strip Light comes with micro-USB charging cable. Specifications Micro Drive 600XL (Front Light) Maximum Lumen Output: 600 lumens Weight: 97g Maximum Runtime: 44 hours Recharge Time: 2.5 hours Strip Light (Rear Light) Maximum Lumen Output: 150 lumens Weight: 53g Maximum Runtime: 57 hours Recharge Time: 2 hours

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