£74.99 – Light And Motion Vya 250 + Vya 100 Pro Light Twinpack

£99.99 £74.99


  Introducing Vya Combo  a new concept in bike lighting   Vya isnt just a light; its an extension of the cycling lifestyle   Bio-renewable construction auto-sensor technology and innovative safety features bring a modernist re-categorization to the essential light category   Vya Pro headlight and tail light combo provides the cyclists with the safest most convienent lighting setup available   The new benchmark of protection and convenience we invite you to Vya with the evolution of smart safety   Featuring:   250 Lumen Headlight and 100 Lumen Tail Light output certified to the FL-1 Standard   Smart sensor technology senses motion and turns Vya on when inserted into mount   Safety lighting adjusts head light with ambient light – pulsing in the daytime for increased traffic safety and solid at night for safe riding   The first bicycle light with an outer bio-renewable construction   USB Mount Receptor allows light to be mounted and removed from bike in seconds   Innovative amber side lighting for increased visibility at intersections – the combo provides the rider with a full 360 degrees of protective light visibility   Charges through integrated USB stick   Ultralight compact design   Multiple auto-adjusting power settings: Headlight – Pulse: 6:00 / 250 Solid: 1:00 / 250 Tail Light – Pulse: 6:00 / 100   Designed and Assembled in California   Backed by Light and Motions 2 Year Warranty  

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