£24.99 – Moon Meteor X Auto Light Front Lights

£29.99 £24.99


Light Mode Moon’s Meteor Auto X Front Light offers a range of light modes which can easily be switched between and includes a Day Flash mode which will keep you seen during daylight hours. The light also comes with a Light Memory Mode which keeps the light in the same mode even when you turn the light off. Mode 1: 450 lumens – 2.30 hours Mode 2: 300 lumens – 4 hours Mode 3: 150 lumens – 10 hours Flash 1: 60 lumens – 90 hours Flash 2: 200 lumens – 45 hours Day Flash: 450 lumens – 78 hours Battery The light comes with an integrated, internal battery which is USB rechargeable for quick and easy charging on the go. To help keep track of your power levels the Meteor Auto X comes with a battery light indicator which shows you when your battery is: low, charging or fully charged.

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