£28.00 – NiteRider Swift 300L / Sabre 80L Light Set Light Sets

£45.00 £28.00


Swift 300 The front light, of this pair, comes with a rugged design with a reinforced plastic housing unit which offers the ultimate protection from impacts and abrasions. The housing unit also comes with an IP64 certified weather protection level that shields from adverse weather protection plus the dust and dirt of the road. The innovative Collimator Lens optimises your field of view spreading the light visibility. Sabre 80 An 80-lumen rear light that is designed to provide the ultimate in visibility. Amber side lights create 180-degrees of visibility which will keep you seen from multiple angles. Light Modes Both lights come with a large selection of light modes which allow you to quickly and easily switch between modes by holding down on the power button. The light modes include a Daylight Visible Flash which helps you to stay visible during daylight hours – which is excellent for commuters. Front Light (Swift 300) Mode One: 100 lumens – 11 hours Mode Two: 175 lumens – 5 hours Mode Three: 300 lumens – 2 hours Mode Four (Flashing): / – 11 hours Mode Five (Daylight): 20 lumens – 27 hours Rear Light (Sabre 80) Mode One: 4 hours Mode Two: 3 hours Mode Three: 1.30 hours Mode Four (Flashing): 4 hours Mode Five (Flashing): 4 hours Mode Six (Flashing): 10.30 hours Mounting The front and rear lights come with an integrated mounting strap system which allows you to quickly and easy take the lights on and off your bikes frame. The straps are compatible with most types of bike frames. Rechargeable For further convenience the lights are both USB rechargeable and come with charging cables that allow you to quickly and easily charge the light via any standard USB port. The front light comes with a  quick charge option which can fully recharge the light in just 2 hours. In the Box Swift 300 head light Internal lithium-ion battery Built-in, handlebar mount USB charging cable x 2 Sabre 80 tail light Seatpost mount Specifications Swift 300 (Front Light) Maximum Lumen Output: 300 lumens Battery Life: 1.30-25 hours Quick Charge Time: 2 hours at 1Amp Normal Charge Time: 3.15 hours at 500mA Weight: 82g Battery Type: Lithium-ion Water Rating: IP64 Sabre 80 (Rear Light) Maximum Lumen Output: 80 lumens Battery Life: 1.30 – 10.30 hours Charge Time: 1.30 hours Weight: 28g Battery Type: Lithium-polymer Water Rating: IP64

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