£49.99 – Cateye Sync Core 500 Lm Front Light Front Lights



Light Modes Cateye’s Sync Core front light comes with five different light modes which can easily be toggled through to pick the best light mode for your current lighting environment and remaining battery life. The light also comes with a light memory mode system that means when you turn the light on it will still be in the last mode that you selected. The light modes included are: Mode One (High): 500 lumens light output – 2 hours battery life Mode Two (Middle): 150 lumens light output – 9 hours battery life Mode Three (Low): 100 lumens light output – 15 hours battery life Mode Four (Daytime HyperConstant): 500/100 lumens light output – 18 hours battery life Mode Five (Flashing): 100 lumens light output – 130 hours battery life CatEyeSYNC Technology When using multiple different bike lights and devices you can gain full control over all your lights using CatEyeSYNC technology. The technology exists in the form of a smartphone app which allows you to see all your light’s differing battery lives and allows you to have full control over your differing light modes. Side Visibility The Core light comes with Cateye’s OptiCube lens technology which creates a rounder beam pattern that provides excellent levels of side visibility. This is important when you’re cycling through built up urban areas where you’ll often be forced to traverse several lanes of traffic and find yourself dealing with motorists from multiple different angles. USB Rechargeable To save you the constant hassle of having to change your bike light’s batteries the Core comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery. The light’s power button also doubles as a battery level light, so you know when it’s time to recharge with or without the use of the CatEyeSYNC app. The light comes with a micro-USB charging cable that makes it easier than ever to charge on the go via any standard USB port.

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