£60.99 – Exposure TraceR USB Rechargeable Rear Light Rear Lights



Optimised Mode Selector (OMS) Various programs in the lights can easily be selected to offer a choice of run times and modes so you can find the right one for your ride, be it an all-night adventure or an intense blast. Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM) Patented circuitry within the light will reduce power to the LEDs, if they go beyond the optimum temperature, keeping the light as efficient as possible to maximise output and battery capacity. DayBright Bespoke pulse pattern designed for daylight use which is more conspicuous than a regular pulse and visible from over a kilometre away, even in the brightest conditions. DayBright mode will get you noticed. Be Seen Be Safe.   USB Rechargeable The light’s lithium-ion battery is micro-USB rechargeable which allows you to recharge the light from any standard USB port which can easily be found for quick and easy charging on the go. A small, integrated battery light indicator clearly shows you when it’s time to charge and how much battery life you’ve got to play with ensuring you never get caught in a blackout situation. Side Visibility When you’re cycling through built up urban you’ll often be interacting with motorist and other road users from several differing directions. Exposure have therefore integrated a specialised lens which spreads the beam and creates up to 180-degrees of visibility to help you stay save on the road.

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