£40.00 – Lezyne STVZO E-Bike Hecto Front Light Front Lights



This front light features a German StVZO optimized lens with an approved flood and long-range beam. High-performance always-on LED delivers 210 lumens (65 Lux). Plus, it has a durable, heat-dissipating CNC machined aluminium construction. It’s compatible with the common E-bike 6 – 12v input/4w and easily plugs into batteries from top makers including Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha. Also, it includes a CNC machined fork mount and 130cm long power cable. Lezyne e-bike lights are powered by the motor of an e-bike and need to be manually installed. Proper installation may require some disassembly of the bike and motor (depending on make and model battery type) and additional wiring to connect the light to the motor. Please contact the e-bike or motor manufacturer for installation instructions. It is highly recommended to have a trained e-bike professional install your lights for you.

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